Administrative Council

Administrative Council is the governing body of the church and is made up of the chairpersons from the other committees and chaired by the church's Lay Leader. This main church council continues the work of the charge conference.  All other committees have representation here, as do church officers such as financial secretary and lay members to annual conference. It is the ultimate decision making body in a United Methodist church on any issue other than worship and the placement of staff under appointment.

Chairpersons/Lay Leaders:  Kirstin and Dean Zarras

Pastor:  Rev. James Van Schaick

Lay Member to Conference:  Pauline Schreier

Committee on Outreach and Missions Chairperson: Nancy Heaton

Finance Chairperson:  David Heaton

Staff Parish Relations Chair:  Jeanine Long

Pre-School Board:  Kymie Cooksey-Cipri

Trustees:  Scott Frey

Education:  tbd

Women's Connection:  Thelma Van Tilburg

Sunday School Director:  

Education Resources Coordinator:  Thelma Van Tilburg

Treasurer:  Dalia Alexander

Membership Secretary:  Richard Rosa


The board of trustees oversees all the building concerns of the church from maintenance to capital improvement.  They also administer any bequests to the church in conjunction with the Finance Committee or Investment Committee.

Chair:  tbd

(2018)  Nancy Heaton

(2019)  Paul McConville, Kris Konrad

(2020)  Scott Frey, Renee Gossett

Staff Parish Relations

The SPR Committee is the "personnel committee" of a United Methodist church.  The members serve as a liaison between the staff and the congregation, providing feedback for the staff, proposing salaries, interpreting the work of the pastor and staff to the congregation and helping to set goals for the staff that are compatible with the mission of the church.

Chair:  Jeanine Long                                                                  

(2018)  Linda Clark, Lucy Heaton, Kurt Schacht

(2019)  Jeanine Long (c), Fred Stark, Pauline Schreier

(2020)  Sallie Stelter

 (EX Officio:  Lay Leader:  Dean Zarras, A Lay Member to Annual Conference: tbd)

Outreach and Missions Committee

O & M spearheads and encourages the congregation's work in the larger community and world.  They coordinate such projects as the annual food drive, CROP Walk, participation in the Emergency Shelter Project, Christmas Eve offering for missions, support for A-HOME, etc.

Chair:   Nancy Heaton

Pastor:  Jim Van Schaick

Lori Lichtenberger, Diane Lehnert, Lynn Jacobsen, Denise Denson, Nancy Heaton


The Education Committee works with the paid Christian Education staff to develop and implement Sunday school and other children's and youth ministries that encourage the faith of our young people.

Chair:  tbd

Pastor:  Jim Van Schaick

Education Resource Coordinator:  Thelma Van Tilburg

Sunday School Director: 

Lynn Jacobsen, Bridget Lawrence, Lucy Heaton, Denise Denson, Karim Frey

Finance and Endowment

The Finance Committee is charged with developing a church budget and directing the raising of funds to underwrite that budget.  They also develop and implement a plan for stewardship and oversee the church's investments, or a separate Investment committee may be established.  

Chair:  David Heaton

Treasurer:  Dalia Alexander

Financial Secretary:  tbd

Lay Leaders:  Kirstin and Dean Zarras

Auditor:  Denise Denson

Pastor:  Jim Van Schaick

(2018)  Cynthia Rigas, Laura Stark

(2019) David Heaton (c), Todd Sullivan

(2020)  Mike Cappetta, Todd Letcher

Pre-School Board

The pre-school board is connected to the Pound Ridge Community Church Play School.  This school is non-sectarian but the board, made up largely of church members, ensures that the mission of the school remains compatible with the values of the church.

Chair: Kymie Cooksey-Cipri

Pastor:  Jim Van Schaick

(2018)  Annie Burnham, Jeanine Long

(2019) Dave Ekholm, Karissa O'Reilly

(2020)  Kymie Cooksey-Cipri (c), Susan Powers

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development

Sometimes called the Nominating Committee, this committee is charged with seeking out individuals who can serve in leadership capacities in the church, largely through the administrative structure outlined above. 

Chair:  Pastor Jim Van Schaick

(2018)  Elisabeth Marner, Ebie Wood

(2019) Gillian Van Schaick, Jody Sullivan

(2020) tbd