The Pound Ridge Community Church is the only Christian church in Pound Ridge. Its roots are Methodist, dating to 1785, but when another area church dissolved in 1949, the Methodist Church adjusted its name to provide a welcome to all Christians, regardless of denomination. The present building was constructed in 1833 and is a historic landmark.

The church has a history of community involvement. Among other things, it gave Conant Hall to the town as a community center, helped initiate the senior citizens program, and established the Good Neighbor Award. Its members have participated in every area of community activity.

For over 30 years, the Community Church has operated a preschool program -- Playschool for 3 and 4 year olds, and Mother's Morning Out for children 18 months to 3 years old. These 2 programs are now joined together as Pound Ridge Community Church Play School.  These programs involve many families and make extensive use of church facilities including the new playground, installed summer 2016.

There are many opportunities for the ministry of the church and its members. We invite you to be part of the Community Church's present and future.

Come worship with us!

United Methodists are . . . involved, committed, diverse, open.  A people who try to be accepting, caring, hospitable and inclusive.  Family—and community—oriented.  A people who are concerned about those beyond their communities, around the world.  Active in mission, responsive.  A people who love music, church suppers and a sense of community.  Initiators, with a history of creating ministries related to education, employment, health and other issues.  A people who like to tell the story of God’s redeeming grace.

All persons are welcome in The United Methodist Church.  We are committed to inclusiveness.  Celebrating a diversity of people, ideas and cultures, we are enriched by our history.

United Methodists trust free inquiry in matters of Christian doctrine.  Our faith is guided by Scripture, tradition, experience and reason.

For generations, United Methodists have cooperated with other churches to spread the gospel, care for those in need, alleviate injustice and foster peace.

United Methodist leadership is shared by executive, legislative and judicial branches.  The highest legislative body—the only organization that can speak for the church is the General Conference.  (An assembly of up to 1,000 delegates, it is comprised of equal numbers of laity and clergy and meets once every four years.  Delegates are chosen by regional units (annual conferences) throughout the United States and in 15 other nations.  Non-voting representatives come from affiliated churches in 25 other countries.

We welcome all to join us in creating new chapters in our exciting future!