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Jazz Vespers

Musical series curated by Pete Malinverni, Director of Music, PRCC.  Guest musicians and inspirational readings.  Admission by free-will offering - all are invited!

Refreshments are served afterward at the Meet-and-Greet.

See calendar for schedule.

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Once a month, we publish a newsletter describing the happenings of the church and its members.  Get on our email list.  Email:  You will receive a return email asking for your full name.


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Outreach and Missions Committee

Our Outreach and Missions Committee has overseen a wide range of charitable endeavors, from supporting local food pantries and community centers, to distant projects like building a school in Afghanistan and  providing clean drinking water in Malawai.  In 2008, our annual Lobster Festival raised $10,000 for A-Home, an organization providing affordable housing.  2009's Lobster Festival provided $10,000 to the Northern Westchester Shelter, Inc. an organization helping victims and striving to stop the cycle of domestic violence.  And in 2010, the Lobster Festival raised $12,200 for Food Bank for Westchester. In 2011, the Lobster Festival raised more than $14,000 with profits being split between the Pound Ridge Volunteer Ambulance Corps. and the Pound Ridge Fire Department.  See the Missions Page for more

Bible Study

Bible Study is offered on Thursday afternoons at 1:00 PM.  All are invited to attend regardless of religious or no religious upbringing.  In fact, some in the group don't even go to our church.  Each person's perspective and insight is valued as together we explore what the bible teaches us.  Come learn with us.  Please speak with Pastor Jim Van Schaick for more information.  You can jump in at any time.  Please call 914-764-9000.  We welcome you!

Women's Connection

The Women’s Connection of PRCC is a vital and active part of the church, and, if you’re female, you’re automatically a part of it.  So come get involved.  There are many varied interests reflected in our activities, so you should be able to find something that appeals to you.  If not, let us know what’s your interest and we’ll add that.  

The Women’s Connection is all of us: young and old; daughters, mothers, and grandmothers; stay-at-home moms and working women.  We try to respond to the interests of all.  There are at least two book groups – one meeting in the day and one in the evening.  Several times a year, the entire group of women is invited to socialize at a supper either at the church or in one member’s home.   If you’re new or haven’t joined in an activity before, please give us a try.  

Men's Breakfast

The men have been meeting at Blind Charlie’s in Scotts Corners most Wednesday mornings. Call Pastor Jim Van Schaick at 914-764-9000 or just pop in to Blind Charlie’s and join in!

Confirmation Class

We love our youth!  And we think it's important that Church feel like a safe and happy place for them--that it be a place that gives them sanctuary from the values of the world and allows them space to grow a relationship with God.

7th & 8th graders attend weekly classes beginning in January, and take field trips to explore other denominations or religions.  Other team building and fun activities throughout the year.  Call the church if your child could benefit!